The Canadian Club of the Netherlands is a non-profit organization that supports Canadians (or those who identify with Canada) and connects Canadians living in the Netherlands. We believe that this support is best provided through a network of active members, structured member activities, and good up-to-date resource information. 

New at CCN

Call for (more) volunteers!

Lately, the CCN has been successful in attracting volunteer help. We are so grateful for this. Strong on this success, we are seeking additional help for two focus areas: our newsletter and website. Feel like contributing to the CCN in a fun, low-pressure way for our newsletter or website?

New Event: Q&A Consular Services

Curious about what the role of the Embassy of Canada in the Netherlands and what services it provides to Canadians residing in the Netherlands? On January 27th, we’re pleased to host an online special information session with Julie Normand, head of the Consular and Administration section at the Canadian Embassy in the Netherlands.